Carrier Claims Contact Information

Carrier Claims Contact Information

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our partners clients, friends and neighbors.  Whether it is a fire or an accident with an employee, we are here to support our loyal clients during these unfortunate events.

Should any of our clients need anything, we can be reached toll free by calling (844) MY-GSI-INS or 1-844-694-7467.

To make a claim directly with your insurance company, here are the phone numbers to the claims departments for the below insurance companies:





ACM TPA Work Comp Claims Phone 866-671-5042 Option 2
ACM TPA General Phone 877-777-6440
AIG General Online
Allied insurance General Email 
Amguard General Phone 888-639-2567
American Alternative Ins. Company General Phone 800-305-4954
American Family General Phone 513-943-7200
Arrowhead General phone 619-744-0709 or 888-215-7456
Arrowhead General Insurance General phone 866-401-2111
Amtrust Work Comp Claims Phone/Email 866-272-9267 or 888-239-3909
Amtrust Other than Workers Comp Phone/Email 866-272-9267
Atlas Depends on carrier Claim 858-529-6700
BBSI manages claims Claim Joel 949-556-9205/ Rebecca 949-556-4862
Berkley Net General Phone 800-435-1127
Brookshire General Phone 800-661-6029
California Republic Underwriters General Phone 888-239-3909
CIGA General Phone 818-844-4300
C.N.A. General Phone 877-262-2727
C.N.A. Commercial email phone 
C.N.A. Large Casualty email/phone 
Dongbu Commercial phone/email 800-835-8179
EIG General Phone or email 888-682-6671
Everest General Phone 800-438-4375
Everest Claims Dept Claims phone 866-287-1736
Gallagher Basset General Phone 844-821-8218
BHHC General Phone/email 800-356-5750
Hanover General Phone 800-628-0250
Hartford General Phone 800-553-1710
ICW Work Comp Claims Phone/Email 877-442-9669
ICW Property Claims Phone/Emai 877-442-9669
Liberty Mutual General Phone 800-362-0000
Mercury General Phone 800-503-3724
Midwest General Phone 866-642-2567
Nationwide Commercial Claims Phone 877-669-6877
Pacific Comp Victoria Meacham email
Philadelphia Insurance Co. General Phone 800-765-9749
Preffered Employers General Phone 888-472-9001
Rockhill Insurance General Phone 816-412-1800
Republic Underwriters General phone 972-788-6000
Safeco General Phone 800-332-3226
Sedgwick General Phone 855-728-5277
State Compensation Insurance Fund General Phone 888-782-8338
Travelers General Phone 800-238-6225
Travelers EPLI Only Claims Email 
WSS Donna Mcleary Email 
Zenith General Phone/Email 800-440-5020
Zurich General Phone 800-987-3373
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