The Hotel/Motel industry is the cornerstone of every small or great city on the planet. As the owner of either a luxury or modest establishment, the day to day operations become more than just your job. It becomes your life and the probable financial future of your Aires. You are duty-bound to provide your clientele with comfort, satisfaction and security at the highest level, as your reputation depends on it!


As one of the fastest growing Regional Brokers and one of the largest writers of Hospitality risks, we understand the need for “your” comfort and security in the design and placement of your Commercial Insurance Program. It takes confidence, commitment and agility to navigate the marketplace in providing tailored coverage within your arena of operation. Our professionals are always poised to step up to the plate by combining their expertise and solid industry relationships. This enables them to draft a progressive insurance program that allows for diversity in exposure within your industry. Their Risk Management abilities along with their knowledgeable edge for coverage analysis will never provide a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to your risk!


Under our programs we are able to accommodate the following services:


  • Hotel/Motel Owners
  • National and International Hotel Management Companies
  • Franchise Companies
  • Resort Properties
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Bed and Breakfast Inns


Recognizing the ebb and flow of the industries narrow profit margin, Golden State Insurance Solutions is positioned within the industry to bring leveraged broad market access to our clients along with competitive edged pricing. This coupled with our diverse team of professionals, dedicated support staff and Risk Management capabilities truly lends to the blueprint of your business success.


Like our business, the hallmark of your success hinges on repeat customers that have experienced the comfort of security, the satisfaction of service, and the peace of mind that their needs have been met. You can only guarantee this to your customers when you yourself experience the reassurance and strength in the protection of your assets and reputation thru the choice of a premier insurance program written with Golden State Insurance Solutions. You will find this is truly when security means “five star” comfort!


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