Specialized Industries



Golden State Insurance Solutions has attained pioneer status in our establishment and dedication to valued national association business and affinity group programs. We are masters at combining insurance products, risk management solutions and deductible strategies to achieve the best combination of coverage and price to show you there is “strength and value in numbers!”


Niche programs involve a lot of careful planning and deep-seated commitment to ensure the strength of partnerships built on relationships. They require the understanding of changing environments to meet the ultimate challenge of negotiating coverage at discounted pricing structures to protect the unique exposures that plague your industry. They also require the dedication of a network of professionals educated in your industry to be able to provide proactive service and risk management counseling.


Golden State has both the innovative ability and the know-how to put together specialized programs, provide the highest level of quality customer service, nurture and maintain relationships and above all provide the strong, talented personnel to give our program members the edge on profitability.


Golden State Insurance Partners combines far-reaching opportunities to both the members and the association itself, enabling them to grow from a distinguished past into a dynamic and profitable future.


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